Black Rage!!

At least once a month (and that’s being conservative) I reenact this scene my mind while at work. Today was one of those days where I didn’t have much patience, and the prior restraint I usually maintain was very much at its breaking point. It was a day that most people in my situation would have spent replaying sadistic daydreams of Rick-James-Slapping co-workers.


I work in an office that doesn’t quite recognize when they are  “projecting ones emotions.” In short, when certain coworkers are stressed out/upset they feel like its one of their inalienable rights to shit on everyone’s day. Its like misery loves company on ‘roids. When I get my early morning text warning me that “Red” is in rare form, I know my day is pretty much ruined before it even starts.

Red. Gosh, where do I start with her?? I guess you could say she is walking case study for reasons to not keep your children in private schools during their socially formative years.  She doesn’t have a general understanding of what it means to have positive interactions with those who don’t think as she does, or come for a similar backgrounds. She typically has  an often stated, yet never appreciated or needed, opinion on everything. Regardless if you want to hear it or not. . . . and she’s pretty much a control freak with no real power or authority. Which I think is a potential definition of a tyrant…

Red’s finest  moment of the day was when she asked our Personnel Coordinator what she used the 3-hole punch for and how often she really needed it? My thoughts: ….Whatever the Eff she wants to use it for. Is that okay with you? Does she need your approval? Are you the keeper of all things 3-hole punchy?!?…see these are the things that I think but don’t say because they can potentially create “tension” in the office. Red wasn’t asking because she was truly interested with the PC’s day to-day functioning. Red felt it was her personal obligation to assess the office’s 3 hole punch usage. She clearly felt that she needed  ascertain if the PC really needed to have the 3-hole punch on her desk at all times…. People are getting paid to be jackasses, and they aren’t even working in politics!!  I work with people who like to breathe all hard, sighing and shit, like what they are doing is actually difficult and time-consuming. Yet they make sure to find a break in the day to have Nuremberg Trials over freaking office supplies!……….. I’m kicking over my podium and busting 3 in the sky!